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Welcome to the Travel Geek Home Page

        Halfway through our 1st date, many years ago, Karen and I decided that we were both ready to stop talking about seeing the world and starting buying plane tickets.

        Sixteen years, 1 wedding, 2 kids and 70 countries later our walls are filled with photos and our (aging) brains with incredible memories.  Since the kids came along, our pace has slowed a bit but we still have a passionate place in our hearts for travel -- not luxury vacationing (though that's fun too) but backpack, third world, swamp ass traveling.

        This site is dedicated to the trips we've made over the years, to reminding us that there's still a lot of world to see and - perhaps - to inspiring anyone else that dreams of taking off.  It can be done.  It's as simple as opening the atlas, picking a place and making up the rest of as you go.  

Poke around our little corner of the web and, if you're inclined, drop us a line!

JD and Karen Roberto